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developmental education adelaide

Developmental Education

Learn more about our holistic Developmental Education approach, and our Visual Supports Service.

Who is it for?

Developmental Education is tailored for a diverse range of learners who require additional support to thrive academically and in their everyday lives. Adults and children with disability can benefit from Developemntal Education in supporting their everyday skills, communication and education.

What can it help with?

Developmental Educators provide individualised and tailored assistance with cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural goals. They assist in goal setting, collaborative planning, resourcing, behavioural interventions, advocacy and household support.

Why AkindaCo?

Here at AkindaCo, we specialise in taking a whole household approach. We understand that an individual's wellbeing is tied with how they relate to others. We work closely with parents and caregivers to empower and support them in creating an ideal environment for developmental progress.

Visual Support Service

Our Developmental Educators work with you to provide tailored support for your household that make everyday life easier and more manageable for you and your family. Visual supports are tools or materials that help individuals understand and remember information more effectively through visual cues. These supports can include things like charts, graphs, pictures, symbols, diagrams, schedules, and visual prompts. They are especially useful for individuals who have difficulties with comprehension, organization, memory, attention, and communication. Visual supports can be used in various settings, such as classrooms, workplaces, therapy sessions, and daily routines, to enhance understanding, independence, and participation.

Parental Love

We value your expertise.

Our Visual Supports service includes extensive information gathering, so we can understand what supports would suit your family best.

Playing with Mobile Phone

We provide holistic consultation.

Our service incldues a 30-minute phone consultation with our Developmental Educator. With your knowledge as a parent and our expertise, we ensure your Visual Supports are effective and actionable in your household context.

Cooking Lesson

We always welcome feedback.

We always welcome feedback about our processes and services. If your Visual Supports need adjusting or it's time for a change, do let us know.

Book your Initial Appointment now.

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