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Play Therapy Adelaide and Munro Para

Helping your child manage emotions, communicate and build resilience through play.

Who is it for?

Play therapy is commonly used with children and young people to help support them to explore and manage their emotions, communicate, build relationships, and build resilience. Play is children's language of choice! Play Therapy is an engaging and fun experience for children that can also address challenges and concerns.

What can it help with?

Play therapy assists in creating a safe environment for children to be able to express themselves, leading to improvements in a wide range of issues. These include emotional regulation, anxiety, sensory challenges, social challenges, developmental delay, frequent aggression and anger, shyness or difficulties transitioning to school.

Why AkindaCo?

Our Play Therapists have decades of experience in working with children from the age of two. We have Play Rooms in both of our locations, which are specifically designed and tailored to suit the needs of diverse children. Our Play Therapists work creatively with children and their families to create lasting change.

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Play therapy is a form of therapy that uses play and other creative activities as a means of helping children overcome emotional or psychological difficulties. Play therapy is used to help children express themselves and can be more natural and comfortable for them than traditional talk therapy. Play is children language of choice; in fact, children usually don't want to leave our office as it's so much fun!


The therapist may use a variety of toys, games, and activities to help the child explore and understand their feelings, develop coping skills, and work through problems and issues that they may be struggling with. Play therapy has been found to be effective in helping children cope with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, ADHD, and trauma.

We also offer Learn to Play Assessments and Therapy, developed by Dr Karen Stagnitti.

You can read more about evidence based Play Therapy here.

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