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Concurrent Sessions: why we think they're great!

Concurrent sessions are something that we do here often at AkindaCo. By "concurrent sessions" we mean having multiple sessions running alongside each other, potentially in different spaces or even the same space, with different family members.

Perhaps we find, for some reason, that we need some space for “kids business” (playing, having fun, processing, expressing creatively) and we also find that the family needs some space for adult business. This could include making sense of things, sharing difficult stories, learning more for themselves, perhaps for parents, adults or even young adolescents in a family. Our collaborative clinical team has the capacity to have those sessions occur concurrently with two practitioners who are specialists in working with children and families!


What are some benefits of this concurrent session offering?


1.     It’s more accessible families. There's less appointments to have to run to, drive to, make space in your calendar for. Concurrent sessions address parents capacity: we know how full up parents can be with appointments especially those who are managing family life, appointments related to NDIS or otherwise, as well as their own social and emotional needs.

2.     It means that children and their families can be comfortable in the therapy space. They can come along together, knowing that if they're feeling alone or they're feeling like they want their family member present, that they can simply go and find them within the space. Oftentimes that does happen! I might be talking with family and kiddo knocks on the door and just wants to say hi to Mum or wants to show their special creation to Dad or Sister or Brother. This is all okay! This sharing is a form of family connection and this is what we're here to foster and build.


3.     Family members can join together in new and novel ways. Families might learn strategies or try and imagine doing something different, but in a concurrent session there's capacity to be able to come together to actually try that in real time. We might sit together and play together, have fun together, maybe have some difficult conversations, but ultimately we can facilitate family connection whereby children can come and connect, and then go and do what they need to do away from the adults. This is reminiscent of the circle of security and secure attachment.


4.     We can be really creative! If there are some accessibility needs, such as a person having a safe person they need to sit with, or perhaps just know that person is next door in order to feel okay, we can accommodate this using concurrent sessions. This keeps everyone safe and makes sure that important kids business and adult business can both be explored. This process is built together and utilising concurrent sessions will always be discussed with you and negotiated together.


5.    Concurrent sessions are available in clinic as well as in the family home so we can come to your home and utilise different rooms in the space in order to have concurrent sessions. Maybe we start together, we could start separate, we could move back and forth and all of those options are OK!


6.    Concurrent sessions also acknowledges that everyone is involved when it comes to strengthening family relationships. Whole households often have different perspectives on an issue, including children. Sometimes children need a little bit more space to be able to express or make that known, and that can be provided, but also the child’s perspective can be fed back into the “adult business” space in order for the rest of the family to make sense of it and attune to the child’s perspective.

If is something you're interested in, we offer 90 minute appointments to meet with anyone in your household anyone who wants to come along. Two of our therapists meet with you and your family to collaboratively talk through what you’d like to see change and how we might walk along that process together. Check out our website and give us a call send us an email to learn more.


Available in both North Adelaide and Munno Para clinics, as well as outreach to the home.

08 7081 5886

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