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The Safe and Sound Protocol: How does it work?

Want to learn more about the Safe and Sound Protocol? We deliver this service every school holidays, and it is suitable for children (2+), young people and adults. The Safe and Sound Protocol is an evidence based intervention that works best alongside other therapies, such as Play Therapy, Expressive Therapy or Family Therapy. The SSP has been found to help people increase their sense of internal safety, and utilises poly-vagal theory to enhance social engagement.

Rana, our Senior Psychotherapist, explains the Safe and Sound Protocol in an accessible way for parents and clients.

She also discusses here in more detail about the physiological changes that the SSP makes.

We are running the Safe and Sound Protocol on the following dates:

- Week beginning 10/7/2023 at our Munno Para Location

- Week beginning 17/7/2023 at our Adelaide City Location

Please contact or 08 7081 5886 to enquire or book in today.

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