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safe sound protocol adelaide

Safe and Sound Protocol

Supporting children and adults with auditory sensitivity, trauma, anxiety and sensory processing. 

Who is it for?

The Safe and Sound Protocol is suitable for children from the age of two to adults of all ages. The SSP is designed to assist people who experience auditory sensitivity, trauma, anxiety and sensory processing differences. The SSP works to increase an individual's sense of felt safety, enhancing their capacity to engage socially and relationally.

What can it help with?

The Safe and Sound Protocol can help with anxiety, trauma related difficulties, auditory or other sensory sensitivities. The SSP works alongside other therapies, and has extensive supporting literature, indicating effectiveness for enhancing emotional regulation for children, adolescents and adults.

Why AkindaCo?

We have been delivering the SSP for a number of years with great results. We can deliver the SSP in-clinic, at your home or remotely. We can also deliver the SSP to multiple household members concurrently.

See our client testimonial below for a clients' perspective! 


My family have been accessing services through AkindaCo over an extended period of time and have noticed a choice in behaviour, ability to cope and communication as a family. We have accessed Play Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy and the Safe and Sound Protocol. My children both have autism and anxiety, while my oldest also suffers from depression.

Since commencing therapy, our family unit of three has become much stronger and our ability to express our emotions in different ways. Both my children responded extremely well to the SSP, their behaviours of concern decreased and some disappeared completely. Overall, my children are more creative, expressive and happier.

Parent Testimonial 

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The Safe and Sound Protocol, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, is a five-day intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing capacity for social engagement and emotional resilience. The SSP is a gentle, non-invasive therapy, that involves listening to a specially formulated sequence of filtered music for one hour on five consecutive days. The music has been designed specifically to re-tune the nervous system which activates a sense of safety. This allows children to better interpret not only human speech, but, importantly, the emotional meaning of language. The SSP is a research-based therapy that can benefit both children (as young as 2) and adults.

You can read more about the SSP on their website here.

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