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Our therapists have extensive experience in providing specialist interventions for couples, young (2 years onwards) children, teenagers and families. We utilise an integrative and collaborative approach that is tailored to your specific needs, utilising a systemic, trauma-informed approach that integrates poly-vagal theory and psychosocial development. You can learn more about our services below: click on each title to learn more.

Not sure where to start?

This initial 90-minute appointment is an opportunity for collaboration and exploration of your goals and visions for change, and co-construction of a flexible plan to move towards what you'd like to see different.

In this 90 minute appointment, we explore what you would like to see change and come up with collaborative goals together as to how we might achieve these in our work together. We know starting therapy can be daunting and challenging, and in this appointment you can get to know us and whether we are the right fit for you.

Not sure what services are going to work best for you or your family? Within this session, two of our therapists will creatively explore options and co-construct a flexible plan alongside you. Use the "Book Now" button below to secure a booking online today, or call or email us.

Book your Initial Appointment now.

You will be directed to our booking site Halaxy.

Alternatively, call us on 08 7081 5886 or email us at
Please see our Fee List  and our Terms and Conditions of Service.

Carer, Eastern Suburbs

“Great connection formed with (my child) and practitioner and great trust has formed very quickly”.

Parent, Southern Suburbs

“(Our child’s) time with Paula is never enough and he never wants it to end. We all love her so much.”

Parent, Western Suburbs

“Very pleased with the support our daughter has been given… very good communication”.
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