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At home therapy adelaide

In-Home Therapy Assitance

Learn more about our holistic approach to providing therapeutic support in your home, school or early learning centre. 

Who is it for?

In-Home Therapy Assistance is available for our existing clients who need extra support at home. Our Therapy Assistants are supervised by your therapist, and work to support families and individuals to enact holistic change in their everyday lives.

What can it help with?

Therapy Assistants provide support with relationships, conflict, emotional regulation and many others. They work with you towards the same goals established in therapy, but do so "on the ground". This means you have the chance to do something different in your own life context, not just in the therapy room.

Why AkindaCo?

Here at AkindaCo, we specialise in taking a whole household approach. We understand that an individual's wellbeing is tied with how they relate to others. We work closely with families to understand their goals and capacities, and provide extensive clinical supervision to the Therapy Assistant.


If you are a current client, please inform us of your interest in In-Home Therapy Assistance. If you are a new client, we require an Initial Appointment to assess your suitability for in-home support.  

Book your Initial Appointment now.

You will be directed to our booking site Halaxy.

Alternatively, call us on 08 7081 5886 or email us at
Please see our Fee List  and our Terms and Conditions of Service.

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