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“Shane is easy to talk to, and I appreciate that he puts everything down in written words, drawings and images to help me grasp ideas better and allow information to sink in. He does not just drop lots of information but speaks to me like a friend, and helps me understand my issues and gives me tools and plans to help work through them.”


Experience a kinder therapy at AkindaCo.

Our Adelaide-based integrative multi-disciplinary team works with you to explore creative solutions and ways forward when things feel stuck or tense. Our unique combination of services include systemic family therapy, play therapy, arts & expressive therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. We offer a highly specialised approach that honours the needs of all members of a household, community or system: children, adolescents and adults. We understand individuals are a part of important systems of connection and support, and that how an individual feels inside is tightly woven with how they relate to others. Through our collaborative initial appointment process, we explore and identify what you might want to see change, and offer a flexible plan to reach your unique goals.

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Not sure where to start?

This initial 90-minute appointment is an opportunity for collaboration and exploration of your goals and visions for change, and co-construction of a flexible plan to move towards what you'd like to see different.

In this 90 minute appointment, we explore what you would like to see change and come up with collaborative goals together as to how we might achieve these in our work together. We know starting therapy can be daunting and challenging, and in this appointment you can get to know us and whether we are the right fit for you.

Not sure what services are going to work best for you or your family? Within this session, two of our therapists will creatively explore options and co-construct a flexible plan alongside you. Use the "Book Now" button below to secure a booking online today, or call or email us.

Book an Appointment

Click to book an Initial Appointment with our Therapists today.

Alternatively, call us on 08 7081 5886 or email us at
Please see our Fee List  and our Terms and Conditions of Service.

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PACFA psychotherapy and counselling federatin australia
ANZACATA the australian new zealand asian creative arts therapies association
AASA australian association of social workers
ACA australian counselling association
“I have worked extensively with Paula Gillespie-Fotheringham and her team at AkindaCo. The quality of their work and the standard of care provided to their clients is exceptional and very professional in nature. Referral of clients has been expedient and comprehensive in nature. Clients I have referred to AkindaCo report a very high level of satisfaction in their care, and I am always confident that they are receiving individualised and high-quality clinical work. Paula and her team are highly qualified and experienced professionals and are always innovative and flexible in their therapeutic care. I would highly recommend using AkindaCo as a service and have every confidence that clients will receive an outstanding personalised experience.”

Dr Matthew Doherty. ​B.App. Sc (Nurs); B.A. (Psych.Hons); M.App. Soc.Sc (Cnsling); PhD.
Clinical Manager, Northern Area Community & Youth Services Inc.
Lecturer, School of Public Health, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences.
Graduate Program of Counselling & Psychotherapy, University of Adelaide.

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Want to work with us?

We're on the look out for passionate and enthusiastic allied health professionals. Want to work alongside a highly creative, flexible and collaborative team that value work-life balance alongside extensive opportunities for professional development? Get in touch with us! We also accept placement students.

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